Ghostbusters Remake


Remake of the original Ghostbusters game


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Ghostbusters Remake is just what it sounds like: a remake of the original video game that was played on consoles and 8 bit devices. You control your own ghostbusters unit while capturing some of the most iconic ghosts that appeared in the movie.

At the beginning of the game, you have to buy your vehicle. You can choose from various different ones. The cheapest are the worst rental cars while the most expensive ones, which out of your reach at first, allow you to get around much more quickly.

Part of the game is played driving your vehicle. You have to swerve traffic while collecting the money you find scattered along the road.

Once you've arrived to your destination, you have to face the ghosts. To do this, you have to follow a very precise procedure which, if you're attacked, might leave your whole team dead.

Although it's hard to get the hang of at first, Ghostbusters Remake includes an instruction manual in the main menu that's very useful. It's essential for those who are playing for the first time.

Ghostbusters Remake is a very interesting remake of the classic 8 bit game that gives you the same experience as in the original game, but with graphics that are completely re-done and much more eye-catching.
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